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Dr. Monica Robb's clinical treatment approach incorporates integrative psychotherapy within a Cognitive-Behavioral framework tailored to the individual needs of the client. Dr. Robb working out of her Fairfax, VA office, specializes in working with people experiencing difficulty with Anxiety Disorders and stress management. Psychotherapy services for children, adults, and adolescents are also available through online video sessions for residents of the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia.

Life coaching with Dr. Monica Robb is a facilitative, solution-focused process, which allows individuals to identify and set goals, and take the necessary steps toward achieving them. Through the process of coaching, individuals obtain a deeper understanding of themselves unlocking their potential and developing personal keys to success, improving performance, and enhancing their quality of life.Life coaching services are also available through online video sessions. 

Access your Potential. Amplify your abilities.  Achieve your goals. 

Dr. Monica Robb's Wellness and Life Skills Brain Injury Coaching Program will help adults and adolescents learn the skills needed to achieve greater independence, which is often lost or altered as a results of the brain injury. The goal of the Wellness and Life Skills Brain Injury Coaching Program is to enhance the person's ability to function in all aspects of personal, family, academic, professional, and community life.

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