independence through the Wellness and Life Skills Brain Injury Coaching Program. Dr. Robb teaches techniques and coping strategies to compensate for impairments in memory, organization, thinking, processing, and attention so that you can have the best quality of life possible. Brain Injury Coaching is a non-medical intervention that can produce significant results for those dealing with cognitive impairments and has helped many people lead fuller lives following injuries.

If you or a loved one has suffered a mild to moderate traumatic brain injury, Dr. Robb is ready to assist you. With her expertise and experience, she understands the challenges, fears and obstacles that you and your family member may be facing, and she has the knowledge, skills, and compassion necessary to help cope with them.​

Wellness and Life skills Coaching for brain injured

adults, adolescents, and athletes

In the wake of a stroke, car or sports accident resulting in a mild to moderate traumatic brain injury, you or a loved one may seem completely transformed. Traumatic brain injuries cause cognitive impairments that can affect focus, memory, organization, and reasoning skills in a significant way, making everyday activities and work feel overwhelming or even impossible.

Fortunately, there is hope of improving functioning and achieving greater

Brain injury Coaching In Fairfax

Your MInd Power, LLC Brain Injury Coaching in Fairfax, VA

To learn more about the Wellness and Life Skills Brain Injury Coaching Program please visit the BrainInjuryCoaching.Com website.